Tuesday, December 20, 2011


This is a nice urban fantasy novella that blends family with pack dynamics and investigative action.  It's surprisingly approachable for readers new to the Otherworld series.  Series fans will really enjoy seeing the next milestones for Elena - getting to know her twins and seeing part of her transition to alpha.  

Hidden, by Kelly Armstrong, was a nice read.  I've read most of the Otherworld series, and they're really uneven for me.  Elena POV books (of which this is one) are my favorites so factor that into your evaluation.

The Otherworld is our contemporary world with a modest amount of paranormal-acy.  There's only one werewolf pack of about a dozen members in North America.  Other than that, there are scattered non-pack werewolves, called mutts, that aren't allowed to settle down in one place.  There are other paranormal races, but they don't factor into this story and aren't really powerful in this world.  Elena Michaels is the only female werewolf, and she's been chosen to replace the current alpha.

In this story, Elena and her family are enjoying Christmas vacation in a rented cottage by the snowy woods when they sense something amiss in the area.  Elena tries to follow up her suspicions while dealing with issues both as a werewolf alpha and as a mother.

I think Armstrong balanced the story lines well, especially given the shorter format, but the climax lacked real threat to me.  Maybe I missed something.  I guess, in general, this story didn't knock me off my feet, but it did satisfy my desire to see more of Elena's family dynamics.  I enjoyed it.

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