Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wilder's Mate

Smexy, paranormal steam punk romance set in the wild west.  The premise is hot, but the execution left me wanting.  

Wilder's Mate, but Moira Rogers, is the first in a series.  It tells the tale of the inventor Satira, whose mentor has been kidnapped and taken into lawless vampire country.  She's aided by Wilder, a werewolf (in this universe called bloodhounds).  Bloodhounds are created to combat vampires and are governed by a quasi-governmental guild.   They have their furry couple of days in the full moon as expected, but they also have a few days of sexual frenzy during the new moon.

I liked the setting and the overall plot.  For some reason, though, I just didn't enjoy the relationship.  It was one of those stories where they instantly lusted for each other, but it just felt jarring.    I liked her and I mostly liked him, but being inside their head when they thought of each other didn't do it for me.

* Mild spoiler next*

I also didn't entirely buy that bloodhounds mate for life, but the guild forbids them taking mates. Since they have to have crazy sex every month, it's not like they can keep bloodhounds away from women they might mate with.  And since, as Wilder points out in the story, the guild needs the bloodhounds a lot more than the bloodhounds need the guild, it's unclear how they're able to enforce such a rule.  I mean, only bloodhounds can bring another bloodhound to justice  so you would think they would have a stake in ignoring the rule.

Anyway, I like the idea of the book and think it has some promise, but I'll probably wait until she's written a couple more books before I check her out again.  YMMV.

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